Why The Luggage Manufacturers Do Not Casually Provide Drawings And Quotations

- Mar 14, 2018-

  Many people always think that it is a very simple thing to look at a picture quote, in fact, it is not realistic. In general, professional luggage manufacturers will not only look at the picture and size on a random quote. The design of bags, the application of fabrics, work requirements, such as the common decision of the price, and see pictures can only see color and style, but can not determine the fabric and workmanship requirements, luggage manufacturers can not accurately quote.

  Even if the manufacturer of the bags according to the picture to quote, so that the price and the actual real difference, or even very big difference. When a client comes up to ask the price of a picture, smart luggage manufacturers will provide some of their own similar style to the customer reference, because the style must know the price, you can relatively accurate quote price. If the luggage manufacturers do not ask clear details, only to see the picture on a random quote, that such manufacturers are not what high-quality manufacturers. Some luggage manufacturers do not want to receive you and not directly to refuse you, simply give you a disorderly report high prices, so that you eliminate the idea of cooperation. Of course, there are some pit dad's luggage manufacturers to give you a very low price, and so you put the goods to him to do, and then slowly find you 1.1 points of fare increase, these are the luggage industry some hidden unspoken rules.