School Bag Custom Pit Guide, Four Details To Know

- Mar 15, 2018-

Detail one: bag shoulder strap to thick, weight should be light, do not choose inferior fabric.          Kindergarten and primary school children are long body, in the choice of fabrics, high-grade schoolbags exquisite workmanship, the materials are also strive for excellence. High-grade fabric of the school bag is generally lightweight, environmentally friendly and tasteless, shoulder straps thick, play a role in protecting the ridge.If the use of inferior fabrics, in addition to heavy odor, but also endanger the health of children.

Details two: The school bag customization to individuality style, establish brand image, improve publicity effect.

Details three: Don't just look at the price, quality is the most important, don't let the bag become "stealth killer".

Details four: The choice of formal professional schoolbag manufacturers, quality assurance, do not toss and upset.