Package Three Trends

- Mar 15, 2018-

 Clear: The popular style has gauze net and transparent type, the modelling is simple and is tough, the medium size transparent package often is lined with the bright bright second new package's vision, gives the person with exquisite and the feeling. Colors are orange, green, silver and Pearl Pink, is a young girl to publicize personality.Flaunt the fashionable personal arms. 

  Simplicity: The pursuit of a perfect, simple atmosphere, will be popular trend. Modern materials and simple lines of the blending, it produced a graceful aura of the 3O era.To knitting, hemp fabric, nylon and soft leather, such as the production of a single style handbag, can change the stunning amorous feelings, more able to match a variety of costumes, it is status quo, this simple to pure charm is difficult to block. 

  Embroidery: The exquisite, perfect embroidery pattern moved to have a certain hardness of the purse, can create a new visual effect.Popular patterns for the exquisite oriental pattern, this kind of handbag can be popular with the end of the century, the perfect combination of Chinese clothing, foil a noble and elegant, dainty chic charm.