One-minute Understanding Of Luggage OEM Custom Process

- Mar 15, 2018-

   The first step: to find a professional manufacturer of luggage, and manufacturers of business personnel for initial communication, truthfully detailed to inform their needs, such as style requirements, custom quantity, budget scope, actual use, etc., if there is a sample, it is best to provide to the luggage manufacturers, to be manufactured in accordance with the sample.

   The second step: listen to the suggestion of the luggage manufacturer, also can let it recommend some styles, because the production process and cost of professional manufacturers still very understand, of course, if the recommended style directly to achieve satisfaction, you do not have to take pains to create out of thin air. 

Paper box for custom process of luggage 

   The third step: let the luggage manufacturers in accordance with the demand for proofing, which will produce proofing costs, as long as the final two sides negotiate a satisfactory price.Negotiate to this step, is the real test factory proofing level. 

    Fourth step: If you are satisfied with the samples, you can follow the established schedule of production.Of course not satisfied is a small tragedy, manufacturers need to be recycled backpack samples, as a demand for enterprises to wait for some time to see the next version of the modified sample. 

    The fifth step: to reach the custom cooperation agreement of the luggage OEM, formally signed the contract with the manufacturer of the luggage. At this time, the luggage manufacturers will arrange the production process to produce a single, preparation, open version, cutting materials, sewing, turning, packaging and other columns of technology and work flow.Manufacture of large goods for custom process of luggage and bags 

    Sixth step: When the luggage manufacturers complete the production of large goods, sampling check the quality of large goods. If there is no quality problem, the basic can let the factory shipments, and then wait for receiving.