Custom Bags Are Also Types, Do Not Blindly Find Manufacturers

- Mar 15, 2018-

   Custom-made bags are also types, do not blindly find manufacturers. The types of bags are divided into many kinds, such as trolley boxes, handbags, shoulder backpacks, purses, chest bags, women's purses, men's purses, ice bags, storage kits, photographic bags, bags, bags, outdoor backpacks, business backpacks, etc., subdivided more and more fine. So, a luggage factory is not able to produce custom-made all types of bags? The answer is obviously negative. 

  So, custom-made different types of luggage style, it is best to choose different types of luggage manufacturers, do not blindly find manufacturers. Double Shoulder bag and trolley box are the two most popular types of bags, but both of the production process is not good. The material of the shoulder bag is more for Oxford cloth or nylon, the production equipment uses flat car more, the craft uses cutting knife boring, embroidery printing, sewing, wrapping, rolling and so on. And the material of the trolley box to ABS, PC, pp and so on, the production process is more complex, including feeding, cutting, stamping, punching rivets, aluminum frame, lock, assembly and so on a series of links, with the production process of shoulder bag is completely different.