Custom Bag, Starting From Health And Safety

- Mar 15, 2018-

1. Cotton Fabric: The market circulation of a wide variety of bags, fabrics vary, leather bags expensive, not suitable for children. Leather schoolbags of poor quality, easy to damage, cracks, drop paint. The bag of chemical fiber is easy to take off silk, break. Cotton bags lightweight and soft, feel good, wear-resistant, non-toxic without side effects, good health, and low prices.With the increase in age, books, learning more and more school bags will be replaced for a period of time, recommend the selection of cheap cotton bags.

2. Exquisite Compact: The 3-6-year-old child is weak, the knowledge study is not many, the book, the School Limited, buys a exquisite compact schoolbag sufficient enough.At the same time, exquisite small bag back on the shoulders of children and children's body more coordinated, and will not let children feel overwhelmed, affecting normal development.

3. Cartoon pattern: 3-6-year-old children because of ordinary lack of playmates, like watching cartoons, some cartoon characters are interested, not only to their relish, but they regard them as the object of worship. 

4. Bright colors: Children of different ages to different schoolbags, 3-6-year-old children have obvious visual preferences, they usually like bright colors, bright things, think the bright color of the schoolbag is very beautiful.