Why the custom backpack has the minimum order quantity

- Mar 15, 2018-

 In reality, many people do not understand the process of backpack production, and even think that the production of backpacks and tailoring shop is similar to the work process, want a few backpacks a single can be done. Backpack production process is really not so simple, a backpack usually need to go through dozens of or even hundreds of craft can be produced. 

 If the number of customization is very small, can not achieve the flow line manufacturing, the factory is difficult to match. If you understand the backpack customization process and the procurement process, you will understand why the backpack customization has a minimum order quantity. Custom backpack is the first process of procurement of raw materials, such as fabric, lining, pull head, zipper, hardware accessories, and so on, followed by the opening of abrasives, procurement of raw materials, immediately to cut the material, and then arrange to print customer trademarks, and finally do stitching and other processes. If only a small number of customized backpack, for the factory is simply a big trouble, not only the raw materials are difficult to purchase, and some processes are difficult to find downstream factories to cooperate to complete.