What are the processes in the backpack production customization process

- Mar 15, 2018-

 1, backpack production customization of the first process is by the backpack manufacturers version of the master according to the effect of plate-making, this version of your impression of the version may have a great discrepancy, said he is a version of the layman, in fact, the industry's personnel called it "paper lattice", that is, with a large face of white ink with a ballpoint pen drawings, the above callout detailed use instructions. 

  2, the second process is to make a sample package, the process of good or bad depends on the size of the paper is the standard. The paper lattice is no problem, the sample package can basically realize the original intention of the design. The purpose of making a sample package is a few, the first is to make sure that there are errors in the paper, to prevent serious deviations from the production of large goods, the second objective is to test the material, test version type.Because even the same fabric with different patterns, the whole backpack produced the effect will vary greatly. 

  3, the third process is the preparation and cutting materials, this process is mainly advanced procurement of raw materials, because the procurement of raw materials are the entire batch of fabrics, need to cut the mold and then cut, separate stacking. As the sewing process of the early stages of each step is critical.The following is the pattern of the die, which is made entirely of paper.

  4, the fourth process is sewing, the general backpack is not too thick, the basic use of flat cars can complete the sewing process. If you run into a particularly thick backpack or a particularly complicated backpack, you may be able to use equipment such as a high car during the last stitch. Sewing Seam is the most time-consuming process and the most critical process in the production customization of the backpack. However, strictly speaking, sewing is not only a process, it consists of a number of processes, including the front pieces of the car seam, the car seam in the lining, the rear of the car seam, sewing, wearing straps, knot, joint chartered sewing and other processes together. 

  5. Backpack production Customization Process knapsack sewing