The tool backpack is different from the ordinary backpack, the custom tool backpack must look

- Mar 14, 2018-

   The tool backpack differs greatly from the ordinary backpack in that the production process and requirements are very different. Tool Backpack custom selection features and ordinary backpack contrast, fabric material generally hard, many for the large grain 1680D Oxford cloth or 2250D oxford cloth. 

  Therefore, the material is tough and has a strong wear-resistant fabric is the main choice of tool backpack fabrics, and ordinary backpacks are usually more lightweight, which is very different from the tool backpack. The custom purpose of the tool pack is to load the hard metal tools, and the choice of all the materials can not be the same as the universal backpack. Ordinary backpack for the protection of the computer and daily necessities are not worn, the use of 200d-300d nylon fabric, more soft and silky material. Tool backpack is the opposite, in order to ensure the durability of the backpack more rigid materials, often choose the same material as lining materials, both to increase the thickness of the backpack and hardness and to ensure wear-resistant.