The development process of the tool bag

- Mar 14, 2018-

Tool bag is a newly arisen in recent years, suitable for the use of workers of the luggage, a wide range of suitable for the use of hardware workers, but also suitable for the use of cleaning service providers, (listed as the World Expo cleaning staff adopted). The previous toolkit was of a monotonous style, simple design, cheap, general use of ordinary fabrics for simple sewing, and in recent years with the development of the economy, the rise and subdivision of the service industry, the demand for toolkit is growing, the tool pack industry gradually improve, all walks of life on the demand for toolkits also with the subdivision, product design, unique, For special industry special design, specific subdivision of the needs of the industry for special design and production, kits are basically the use of 600D waterproof oxford cloth, can also be used 1680d,1800d and other thickened waterproof oxford cloth, Oxford cloth can also be used special fabrics (such as anti-static, environmental protection fabrics, etc.).