Custom Backpack Fabric Selection Tips

- Mar 15, 2018-

  Backpack more and more fashionable, has become the city people travel necessary personal items. Double shoulder backpack is not only the collection of the hands of the artifact, but also a rare fashion items, access to various occasions to respond freely. Now the backpack style more and more, and personalized customization is rising, more and more people's favor, the major enterprises have chosen to customize the backpack as a corporate gift. 

  However, to customize a suitable backpack is not easy, often requires a lot of effort.

 Custom Backpack Fabric Selection Tips Backpack application of a wide range of fabrics, just a oxford cloth fabric, from 300D to 1200D thickness of different to distinguish, there are dozens of different kinds, plus what nylon, canvas, with the bottom of the glue and all the fabric add up to hundreds of kinds. The same material different weaving method presents the pattern is completely different, looks like the actual fabric is not the same way out of the effect is completely different, even with a fabric of different colors to do the effect will be very wide gap. Therefore, customized backpack, if you have a sample package, be sure to provide to the factory, let the factory according to the sample package to find fabrics. If there is no sample package, be sure to describe your specific requirements, and the more detailed the better, so as to reduce the probability of deviation.